Sewing & Stitchery Expo
Feb 28 - March 3, 2019
Puyallup, Washington

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Seminar #1904 - For the Love of Leaves

I adore leaves for their simple and recognizable design element, and they are easy to reproduce in a variety of mediums. In this presentation, you’ll see why I often gravitate to nature for this inexhaustible inspiration of design. Leaves can be pressed in clay, turned in to applique, painted, stamped, stenciled, embossed, and sealed. I can use live plants in my projects, or representations I make from fabric and other materials. Make a life-like impression by applying paint or bleach and transfer the leaf to fabric. Use pre-treated fabric for spectacular Sun-printed leaves. Quilted images can be obvious, subtle or even dimensional. I can create my own leaf shapes with heat texturing or embroidery to add as layered elements. Join me while I show you how I use leaves to create stunning wearables, home-décor, crafts and more!







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