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Distressed and Painted Hutch

Distressed and Painted Hutch

Furniture from my childhood that still functioned just fine, just a tad dated looking. I had a wonderful quilt that became the inspiration for this "make-over".


The original unpainted chest portion of the hutch.


I started by masking off the drawer fronts (the flat areas only).

These will be painted later.

A wash of soft green was applied over the existing brown stained wood.

I purposely let some of the brown show through, 

for that distressed "shabby chic" look.


The drawer fronts were "stenciled" with the same geometric shapes AND colors in the inspiration quilt.

Simply using painters tape to mask off portions and some exposed for painting,

leaving parts of the original finish to create the design.


The inspiration quilt, a mix of cottons and velvets in a simple geometric pattern.

I love the way this turned out. 

Now to decide what to do with the matching dresser!