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Lengthening Jeans

Closet full of 'high-waters'? We all know jeans continue to shrink in length long after the first few washings. And if you're like me, a pair of too short jeans is very annoying when in the saddle and they keep getting stuck on your boot tops. 

Here's what I did to a pair of my "barn jeans" (ones that are too short to ride in so they are relegated to mucking stalls).

First I had to do the math. I wanted the jeans 4" longer. I cut my insertion piece 6" wide and used 1/2" seams (6" minus four 1/2" seams = 4" added).

I measured 15" from the bottom of the jeans. This places my cut line just below my knee.

Cut straight across, jeans are ready for insertion.

I used 10 oz. black denim. Navy was too hard to match, so rather than look like a poor matching job, I went with contrast.

Embroidered a horse design from Momo-Dini so it will show on the outside leg.


The insert is sewn into a tube, ready to stitch to the jeans.


Insert attached to the bottom leg.

Seam pressed toward the insert where there is less bulk and topstitched.

Use your sewing machine's free arm to make this job easier!


Completed insertion of embroidered sections.

Jeans are now 4" longer than they used to be.


Detail of embroidered horses, a different one on each leg.