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Quick Fan Applique

Another fast way to create an otherwise detailed appliqué. I wanted the Fan to go with the red and black theme in the silk noil, but I didn't want a solid heavy looking fan. The solution? Sheer Black Organza!


Step 1

I marked the fan directly on to the back of the jacket with tracing paper.

Including all the detail lines. (Make sure your tracing is dark enough so you can see through the sheer).


Step 2

Then I placed the sheer black organza over the design. 

Notice the bits of sparkle? I cut up bits of red prism thread and sprinkled them over the traced fan prior to placing the sheer down. 

It's very subtle.

Next I straight stitched around all the main fan lines.


Step 3

After stitching, I carefully cut away the excess sheer organza.


Step 4

Next it was satin stitched around all the edges including the detail lines. 

Notice that I used a slightly narrower satin stitch for the detail of the hanging trim.

A large black bead with four strands of dangling red and black seed and bugle beads finishes it off!