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Tie-Paint T-Shirt

One of my favorite t-shirts was ruined by some oily looking stains. I think the culprit was those nasty dryer sheets. It hung forlorn in my closet for the longest time.

I'd look at it and sigh, thinking I would have to relegate it to the "barn clothes" category. Since it wasn't getting used, I decided to see if I could make it wearable once again...


Here are my tools:
Stained T-shirt
Spray Paint
Tiny Rubber Bands 
Blue Painter's tape
Scrap paper (to protect the inside)
A photocopy of the art to use as a mask.


Close up of the stains. They look worse in real life.


This line of t-shirts (you may even own one), always have this little tag sewn to the front.
My favorite philosophy.


I've masked off the little yellow dog and the text so I can preserve it during the painting.

That's what the photocopy was for.


I tied off little sections to create a textural pattern.

Notice I used a bit of painter's tape to mask of that nifty label.


Spraying on the front is done.

The spray paint is in just a pump sprayer so it will have little blips of paint now and again. 
It's not as fine as airbrushing, but it's fast and fun!

After the front dried to the touch, I removed the rubber bands and did the same to the back.

Insert scratch paper inside your shirt to protect from bleed-through.


I plan to "run like a dog" now, and in style!