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What Happened to Common Sense?

What Happened to Common Sense?

Posted by Dana Marie on Jul 9th 2017

I recently finished a book and I wanted to share my reviews with you. There's even a little video review, so you can see I am working at "pushing" myself a little more out of my comfort zone. It's all about self-improvement!

Love him or hate him, Larry Winget is about as straightforward as you can get. I admit I enjoy his style of delivery, mainly because I adore people who tell it like it is, that don’t play games and are very CLEAR in how they see the world. Life is so much easier when you know where you’re going, who you’re dealing with and what to expect. Unfortunately, many have either lost their way or have been conditioned to not stand up for themselves and “rock the boat”. In this book Larry talks about core values, those things that are so much of your personal makeup and how you go through life. What are your core values and are they rock solid? Are you allowing others to dictate how you view the world? Do you compromise what you truly believe, simply to fit in, be liked or to avoid conflict? Larry talks about how as a society we have indeed compromised our core values and taken the easy way out. He may be brusque, he may offend you, but as my friend Rachel and I often say, “If you get defensive, dollars to doughnuts it has hit an unpleasant nerve about yourself and that’s your reaction.”

His latest book is a provocative read, forthright and funny. The “moran” story almost did me in! I never once took offense in what he had to say, but there were a few times where I cringed, because I saw in myself things to improve. That’s what it means to have core values and to consistently strive to progress, be a role model and a leader.

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